Tai Chi Is For Everyone

Young or Old, Beginner or Adept, Local or Just Visiting,
anyone can enjoy the benefits of a Tai Chi session.

If you’re visiting you can start the morning of a beautiful Gulf Coast day relaxing your mind and body through the art of meditative movement, on the beach or at your vacation rental, no mats or special clothing needed, just bring your smile.

If you’re local and can attend regular classes you can take advantage of the benefits of continued Tai Chi instruction. Improve your balance and posture, learn how to use your body in an ergonomic and rejuvenating manner, and develop your ability to stay relaxed throughout the day no matter what life throws at you.

Achieve Better Living Through Movement,
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    The Health Benefits of Tai Chi


    Slow and controlled movements with a focus on relaxation and breathing helps center the mind


    Keeping a low center of gravity while in motion strengthens the legs while reducing the risk of falls


    Deep breathing and continual low-impact movement help condition and maintain the heart and lungs


    Keeping an upright and well aligned posture reduces wear and tear on the joints, neck, and back.

    Instructor's Silouette

    Learn Tai Chi From A Trained Instructor

    Tai Chi is a journey of personal mastery through relaxed and principled movement. A good instructor can put you on the path to many years of self-discovery and improvement and a good student is necessary to broaden and deepen an instructor’s understanding of their art.

    Instructor Abel is a recent arrival to the Gulf Coast. With 7+ years of training, 5+ years of teaching experience, and a Second Degree Black Instructor’s Certificate from the American branch of the Chinese Boxing Institute International, he is ready and excited to continue his own journey of personal mastery by guiding others on theirs.

    Instructor Abel has helped people improve their balance and coordination, build healthy movement habits, and even regain mobility through the relaxed, principled, and low impact movements of Tai Chi.

    Schedule your session today and let him help you achieve your goals and improve your quality of life.

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